Kathy Dragon

Owner, Chief Curator
Whole Journeys

From Porto this journey takes us across the historical and natural landscapes of the Douro and Minho valleys. We will discover what attracted Iberians, Phoenicians, Romans, Muslims and Christians to fight for this land, and what is the secret for such a small country to have exported their culture and language to millions of people in Brazil, Africa or India. 

 Alongside the history are the landscapes of forests, mountains and coast, diversity woven into each day of this trip. The landscapes and beautiful towns and villages truly come alive when we meet the people who live there. Local guides, farmers, chefs, musicians and wine makers are all part of this experience helping give you a true insight into life on Portugal. 

Wines and food play a large part in the journey, with visits to some of Portugal´s most significant and oldest D.O. regions and unique culinary experiences ranging from traditional farm stews to top creative cuisine level. 

The pace of the journey has been carefully considered to make it comprehensive without being tiring. Days end in a selection of fine, very comfortable, hotels all with a strong sense of place and a great variety, including stunning historical buildings and small boutique hotels.