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Kathy Dragon: Founder and Chief Curator 

Sole owner and employee ;-)

I've spent almost three decades creating, curating and often leading small group tours for active travelers worldwide – along with wearing all the other hats involved in running such a business. From Bhutan to Belize, Croatia to Czech Republic, Patagonia to Provence, Kerala to Kilimanjaro, I’ve been there – often more than once – and have personally escorted more than 3,000 guests on life-changing adventures.

The trips I design allow for authentic experiences involving rich cultural connections. We generally stay at boutique properties, employ expert local guides, sample traditional cuisines, and engage in active excursions, all within a framework of responsible tourism. I believe why we travel, where we travel, what we do while we are there and when we return home, can effect positive change in the world.

Whole Journeys/Whole Foods Market

Kathy put aside The Dragon's Path and founded Whole Journeys in 2012 with Whole Foods Market. With the sale of WFM to, Whole Journeys returned to Kathy in 2016 and became an independent travel company again.

John Mackey:  Founder & CEO, Whole Foods Market

Dear Traveler,

For over 25 years I’ve personally been choosing to organize my hiking trips with travel companion and friend Kathy Dragon, Founder of Whole Journeys (formerly The Dragon's Path). I find her to be uniquely qualified to bring you cultural, active adventures that will fulfill your desire to integrate into global communities as a curious and energetic traveler. She finds the best guides and takes my friends and I to destinations we'd never thought about traveling to.

Kathy has developed and led my trips to Hawaii, Scotland, Peru, Portugal, Argentina, Chile, New Zealand, Italy (Tuscany, Cinque Terre, Sardinia, Dolomites, Via Francigena), Croatia, Turkey, France, Slovenia,  Spain (Picos de Europa, Basque Country and Pyrenees) and Switzerland. On our short-list are Norway, Iceland, Greece and walking the Camino de Santiago and the Alpe-Adria long distance hikes.

Whole Journeys provides specialized, multi-day international and domestic trips for small groups as well as private itineraries for independent travelers and friends. These active adventures focus on truly engaging guests with local cultures in ‘through-the-back-door’ experiences. Regional cuisines and the culture of food are key components, as will face-to-face interactions with producers and artisans. Small groups offer the perfect balance between structure and flexibility, activity and rest, education, personal discovery, food and fun.

I wish you many great active foodie adventures with Kathy and Whole Journeys!

John Mackey